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We are passionate about luxury and style and want to hear from the most exclusive brands on the market.

We only feature the best in the business, so you can be assured that you will be in good company here, amongst the glossy pages of our luxury spread.

Our writers are constantly searching for the ultimate word in style, grace and designer charm.

Whether you are the owner of a boutique hotel or the manager of a chain of international restaurants, our readers are interested in connecting with you and your brand.

Our readers are discerning people, whose exquisite and lavish taste is amply matched by their disposable incomes.

We do not feature just anyone in our publication. We have to be convinced that your brand will work with our magazine and matches the same aspirations as our readers.

This means that we sometimes, regretfully, have to turn down products and brands that are not quite right for our publication, although we may have a sister publication for whom we can recommend for those companies.

The brands and types of organizations we would be interested in working with include five-star hotels, luxury car manufacturers, Michelin star restaurants, fashion designers, property developers, exclusive schools, private healthcare, reputable cosmetic clinics and wine producers.


Our writers are given a free reign to write as the like. They are also empowered to deliver a true and heartfelt verdict on brands and experiences.

Being featured within our publication comes with the possibility of an honest review, which points out flaws, as well as strength. This is a condition of being reviewed or mentioned in our magazine!

We are constantly on a mission to seek out true quality and style for our readership. We do not believe in misleading them in anyway.

However, once we have partnered with a brand or company, we do our best to present the facts to our readers in as an attractive light as possible.


Our readers are highly influential individuals and at the top of their respective fields and professions.

They think nothing of making large or luxurious purchases, but this does not mean they are not discerning.

Like anyone else, our readers want to get what they pay for and therefore our magazine’s role is ensuring that this happens.

The average salary for our readers is in excess of $150k a year.

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