Our readers want the truth. And they know that we can deliver it.

They want passion, inspiration and information. And also, some light relief.

What they don’t want is a magazine that simply regurgitates stock photos and press releases and reads like one long advertorial.

They also want someone who understands them and the world they inhabit.

They don’t want to preached at or patronized. And so we don’t. Not at any point do we ever tell our readership what to think or what they should be doing.

Instead, we look to them to tell us what we should be publishing.

All our content comes from our readers. It is what they want to read – the cars they want to drive, the homes they want to own, the hotels they want to stay in (sometimes, also, the hotels they want to own).

We regularly list the latest tech innovations – all tried and tested and done by real people – not company shills.

We go to the shows and the backstage parties, to find out what’s happening and where. We review the gigs, the venues, the events that you want to go to.

We are here to entertain. We actually print stories – real ones, genuine ones, which inform and amuse. Our writers have opinions, not just press releases which they are copying down.

Our readers are the high flyers, the executives and the ambitious.

We don’t boast about how wide our circulation figures are – we are more concerned with the type of people who are behind them.

They are discerning, charming, well dressed and intelligent. They know what they are looking for and find it in our magazine.

Because we don’t have an editorial policy, our writers are free to offer up their honest and unfettered opinions. This might cause amusement or offence. Feel free to offer yours back!!